Unravelling the Inner Secrets of the Earth’s Particles

From left to right, graduate student Hugo Larocque sits beside Professor Ebrahim Karimi. In front of them are structures used for optics experiments

Professor Ebrahim Karimi, graduate student Hugo Larocque and Professor Robert Boyd from the University of Ottawa, along with Professor Ido Kaminer (Israel Institute of Technology), and Professor Vincenzo Grillo (CNR-Instituto Nanoscienze, Italy)

Department of Physics

Professor Karimi and his scientific colleagues from the University of Ottawa, Italy’s CNR-Instituto Nanoscienze, and Israel’s Institute of Technology, work in the field of quantum physics, which studies energy and matter at its smallest scale, namely as atoms and subatomic particles, such as electrons (the quantum of charge) and photons (the quantum of light). The study of these tiniest of particles, which also have wave-like properties, can lead to phenomenal technological innovations.

Professor Karimi and his colleagues are trying to find out how shaping the wave function of protons and neutrons can reveal their internal attributes. Just like biologists studying animals to learn more about how organs function, these researchers are studying fundamental particles to try to make sense of their internal structures, such as how charge, or more exotic properties such as spin, is distributed within these particles.

Although this partnership is still young, the researchers already have plans for the future, including designing and conducting experiments to verify theories on shaping the wave function of these complex particles and on applying the features of structured photons to ultrafast optics, extreme photonics, and quantum technologies. With further development, these concepts have the potential to lead to new collaborations with industry and to further attract highly qualified researchers to uOttawa and Canada.

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