When studying abroad leads to new opportunities

Antoine Cantin solving a Rubik Cube during an international competition

The name Antoine Cantin is familiar to many. In fact, the student from Rockland (Ontario) has been recognized in recent years for his work with the Rubik’s cube, winning many championships on the world stage. However, another success that he is about to celebrate is obtaining his university degree.

His passion for the Rubik’s cube earned him a contract with a cube manufacturer during his university studies, but also led him to travel in Canada and abroad on numerous occasions. However, it was an international exchange at Nanjing University (China) in the fall of 2018 that opened his eyes to career opportunities abroad. During his trimester in China, he was able to continue his program in environmental science, explore 14 different regions of China and even win the 2018 Chinese Championship among the 500 participants.

Fallen under the spell of China, since his return, Antoine has accumulated great academic results all while continuing his efforts to revisit the largest country in East Asia. His work paid off, as he was due to fly to a second student exchange in the fall of 2020, unfortunately, this opportunity had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

Despite a year in lockdown, Antoine did not give up and managed to finish his studies at the University of Ottawa, where he receives the Faculty Plaque for Environmental Science for the highest standing. Antoine has found a job in Shanghai after graduation, where he is eager to take the next step and start a new job in software development on the other side of the globe.

A whole new world to discover! Congratulations!

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