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The study of mathematics has fascinated brilliant minds throughout the ages. Who can forget the breakthroughs of Gauss, Newton, Einstein and Fisher? Researchers in every domain of science and engineering, economics and psychology attest to the pivotal role of mathematics and statistics in furthering their fields. Mathematical research goes a step beyond – developing today the mathematical structures that will be the essential tools of tomorrow. From quantum information theory, to bioinformatics, to statistical machine learning, to advances in cohomology and C*-algebras, mathematics is a fresh, dynamic and exciting discipline.

Our department offers a variety of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our permanent faculty of 40 professors, together with our PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, and some award-winning part time instructors, teach more than 180 courses per year covering a wide range of subjects in mathematics and statistics. In addition, our department has a significant outreach program for budding young high school students interested in mathematics. We invite you to look through our web site and select your program. Contact us! We would be happy to answer your questions.

Paul-Eugène Parent
Chair - Department of Mathematics and Statistics


About the Department

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a wide range of undergraduate (B.Sc.) and graduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) programs and a research intensive environment supported by its affiliation to two of the most prestigious mathematical research institutes in Canada; The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and the Centre de Recherche Mathématique (CRM) de l'Université de Montréal. Members of the department conduct research in a wide variety of areas, and have formed several strong Research Groups.

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