Deep learning in computer vision and visual arts

Dong Yue, a M.Sc. student under the supervision of Professors Vladimir Pestov and Nathalie Japkowicz, and Philippe Paradis, a recent graduate student in mathematics, won third prize for their poster at Data Day 3.0: Graduate Student Poster Competition held at Carleton University on March 29. They repeated their performance on March 30 by winning second prize in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Student Poster Competition at the University of Ottawa in the Computer Science category. 

Their poster, entitled "Deep learning in computer vision and visual arts", proposes a faster implementation of the convolutional neural networks approach to drawing various images in different artistic styles. Their experimental results not only reproduce results from other researchers but also make at least two new contributions to the field.  Dong Yue summarizes her experience in saying that "We were absolutely thrilled and ecstatic to rank well in each competition, we had an absolutely great time and met many interesting people, and the event itself was a wonderful learning experience!"


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