Congratulations to Professors Anne Broadbent and Benoit Collins

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Congratulations to Professors Anne Broadbent and Benoit Collins:

  • Anne Broadbent, who will join the Department next January, has been appointed University Research Chair in Quantum Information Processing. Quantum information revolutionizes the way we communicate and compute. Thanks to quantum phenomena such as entanglement, superposition and interference, ultrafast computations and secure communications become possible. This research aims at ensuring that our information infrastructure remains both functional and secure in the presence of quantum information technologies. On one hand, we deal with the threats that stem from ultrafast quantum computations; on the other hand, we exploit the properties of quantum information in order to provide secure solutions.
  • Benoit Collins won the prestigious Takebe prize of the Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) for his contribution to mathematics in Japan. The prize is awarded every year to two or three mathematicians who are 35 years old or less. For more information about Professor Benoit Collins' (ブノワ・コリンズ) award, please visit the website of the MSJ.
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