Elizabeth Maltais distinguished with the Peter Rodney book prize

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The winner of the Peter Rodney book prize, given for the best student talk at the 2015 Ontario Combinatorics Workshop, is Elizabeth Maltais, for her talk “Covering Arrays with Alphabet Graphs”.  “She very successfully made a complex result accessible to a broader audience, by use of examples, colorful diagrams and beautiful slides handwritten on a tablet,” notes Lucia Moura. “The slides are just a part of her interesting 20-minute talk but they give the reader a flavor of her style of communicating mathematical ideas and joy

Elizabeth is currently completing her PhD in our department, working with Profs. Mike Newman and Lucia Moura. She was also recently distinguished as the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Teaching Assistant of the Year 2014-15, at the Faculty of Science Awards Ceremony in November.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

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