Gabriel Maciel and Frithjof Lutscher winners of the 2015 best paper in Theoretical Ecology

Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Ecological Society of America has announced that the winner of the 2015 best paper in Theoretical Ecology is  American Naturalist: How individual movement response to habitat edges affects population persistence and spatial spread authored by Gabriel Maciel, PhD Student, and Frithjof Lutscher, Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

From the citation:  “This paper addresses a basic question motivated by ecological dynamics -- how behavior at habitat edges affects population persistence and spatial spread -- and comprehensively presents and analyzes a set of broadly applicable tools for incorporating edge behavior.  In doing so, Maciel & Lutscher nicely balance tractable models with biological realism and clearly describe how their modeling insights fit into the existing theoretical and empirical context.  In addition to advancing the long-standing theory of spatial population dynamics, the findings clearly contribute to the biological understanding of the effect of a variety of movement behaviors, such as faster movement through unfavorable habitat enhancing population persistence and an intermediate strength of patch-quality-based preference enhancing the rate of population spread, with a strong mechanistic understanding for why these dynamics arise. “

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