Monica Nevins


Monica Nevins
Full Professor

Ph.D. (MIT)

Room: STM 641
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 3529
Work E-mail:

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Dr. Nevins’ research is in algebra. Her particular interests include the structure and representation theory of algebraic groups over the p-adic numbers. She also explores applications to cryptography, particularly in the post-quantum context.

Supervised Students and Postdocs:

  • Peter Latham (PDF)
  • Adèle Bourgeois (PhD)
  • Mengyuan Cao (PhD, co-supervised with Hadi Salmasian)
  • Trinity Chinner (MSc)
  • Maria Perepechaenko (MSc)
  • Mingzhe Yu (MSc)

Research Group(s): Algebra, Lie Theory, Quantum Security via Algebras and Representation Theory (QUaSAR)

Selected publications:

  • Latham P, Nevins M, Typical representations via fixed point sets in Bruhat-Tits buildings,32 pp (submitted April 2020)
  • *Tomkins H, Nevins M, Salmasian H, New Zémor-Tillich Type Hash Functions Over GL(2,F_p^n), J. Math.Cryptol., 24 pp (accepted April 2020)
  • *Bernstein T, Ma J, Nevins M, *Yap J, Nilpotent orbits of orthogonal groups over p-adic fields, and the DeBacker parametrization, Algebr. Represent. Theory, 28 pp (to appear)
  • Latham P, Nevins M, On the Unicity of Types for Tame Toral Supercuspidal Representations, Representation Theory of p-adic Groups, IISER Pune, Pune, India, Page Range: 175-190, Progress in Mathematics, 328, Birkhauser, (2019) Conference Date: July 2017
  • Nevins M, Restricting toral supercuspidal representations to the derived group, and applications, J. Pure Appl. Algebra, Volume 219, Issue 8, 3337-3354 (2015)
  • *Jarvis K, Nevins M, ETRU: NTRU over the Eisenstein integers, Des. Codes Cryptogr., Volume 74, Issue 1, 219-242 (2015) 10.1007/s10623-013-9850-3

Fields of Interest

  • Representation theory
  • P-adic numbers
  • Nilpotent coadjoint orbits
  • Algebraic groups
  • Cryptography
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