Careers in Mathematics and Statistics


Almost all professions require some training and skills in mathematics. That is why a degree in mathematics opens doors to a wide variety of employment opportunities. Mathematicians are very versatile and their skills can be applied to many different fields. Graduate students in mathematics are well appreciated because of their abilities to understand and analyze problems. This is an important advantage in our highly technical and ever-changing workplace.

A large number of mathematics graduates choose to teach mathematics at the high school and college level after a certificate in education. There is a great demand for qualified mathematics teachers and the demand should keep on increasing with the aging of the teaching staff. Those are really stable jobs with good salaries. You have the opportunity to share your mathematical knowledge with some bright kids and to actively participate in the scientific education of the future generations and the society at large. A bachelor degree in mathematics combined with a certificate in education gives you the chance to play a significant role in the development of mathematics curriculum.

Obviously, not all mathematics graduates end up in education. People with a bachelor degree in mathematics, as well as with a master or a doctorate in mathematics, can often be seen working in private enterprises or governments. They are members of research and development teams, where they develop software for the security and coding of data, perform numerical simulations for airplane design and testing, etc.


Naturally, most of what has been said about career opportunities in mathematics holds also for students graduating with a degree in statistics. Moreover, graduates in statistics have more career opportunities in the private and public sectors.

Graduate in statistics are also involved in biological and environmental studies (for the ministries of health or the environment), in market researches (for financial institutions and manufacturers), in statistical analysis (for polling agencies, financial institutions, or Statistics Canada), etc.


Job opportunities are excellent for mathematics graduates.

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) has a comprehensive web site on the Careers in Mathematics.

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