Research groups

There are many research groups in mathematics and statistics. Some researchers are members of more than one research group. This is not surprising since many mathematical fields are frequently necessary to solve a specific problem. Moreover, many of the seminars are joint seminars with the School of Mathematics and Statistics (Carleton University).

Research Groups Description / Seminar(s) Website Members
Algebra Ottawa-Carleton Algebra Seminar Website Walter Burgess, Daniel Daigle, David Handelman, Barry Jessup, Erhard Neher, Monica Nevins, Michel L. Racine, Damien Roy, Hadi Salmasian, Alistair Savage, Abdellah Sebbar, Kirill Zaynullin
Analysis Analysis Seminar Website Anne Broadbent, Thierry Giordano, David Handelman, Vadim Kaimanovich, Aaron Tikuisis
Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics Seminar Website Yves Bourgault, Benoit Dionne, Victor LeBlanc, André Longtin, Frithjof Lutscher, Arian Novruzi, Tanya Schmah, Stacey Smith?, Cristina Stoica
Cryptography and Number Theory Number Theory Seminar Website Daniel Fiorilli, Damien Roy, Abdellah Sebbar, Gary Walsh
Data Science and Machine Learning Group   Website Maia Fraser, Vladimir Pestov, Tanya Schmah, Chen Xu
Discrete Mathematics Ottawa-Carleton Combinatorics and Optimization Seminar Website Sylvia Boyd, Anne Broadbent, Lucia Moura, Michael W. Newman, Mateja Šajna
Geometry and Topology     Maia Fraser, Barry Jessup, Paul-Eugène Parent, Vladimir Pestov, Tanya Schmah
Lie Theory Lie Theory Seminar Website Erhard Neher, Monica Nevins, Hadi Salmasian, Alistair Savage, Abdellah Sebbar
Logic and Foundations of Computing Ottawa-Carleton Logic Seminar Website Richard Blute, Amy Felty, Pieter Hofstra, Paul-Eugène Parent, Philip Scott, Peter Selinger, Ivan Stojmenovic
Statistics and Probability Probability and Statistics seminar Website Mayer Alvo, Raluca Balan,David R. Bickel, Kelly Burkett, Gail Ivanoff, Termeh Kousha, Rafal Kulik, Gilles Lamothe, David McDonald, David Sankoff, Ioana Schiopu-Kratina, Aaron Smith, François Théberge, Chen Xu, Mahmoud Zarepour.
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