Research institutes and centres

In 2003, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics joined two prestigious Canadian mathematical institutes: the Centre de Recherche Mathématique (CRM) de l'Université de Montréal and Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. Both are internationally recognized centers of excellence in mathematical research in Canada. Founded in 1968, the CRM promotes fundamental research in mathematics and its applications. The Fields Institute was founded in 1992. It was named after the Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields (1863-1932). The principal mission of the Fields Institute is to promote mathematical activity in Canada through collaboration with researchers in Canada and abroad.

We are very proud of these affiliations with the CRM and the Fields Institute. They bring many more workshops and conferences at the University of Ottawa, thus further enhancing the mathematical life of the Department.

The affiliation with the CRM gives the opportunity to professors from the Department to spend some time at the CRM. The CRM also sponsors some postdoctoral researchers and conferences in our Department. Moreover, with the support of the CRM, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has created the CRM - University of Ottawa Distinguished Lecture Series. Renowned mathematicians are invited to present their most recent contributions to mathematics. The goal of this lecture series is to introduce the local mathematics community to the work done by leading mathematicians.

As a member of the Fields Institute, the Department receives funding to host summer schools, workshops and conferences, and to support in part some postdoctoral fellows.

Our association with the CRM and the Fields Institute increase the contacts with outside researchers and thus create more exciting opportunity for collaborations and enhancing the mathematical activities in the department.

Below is the list of the activities at the University of Ottawa sponsored and to be sponsored by the two Institutes.

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