Outreach Programs to Promote Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is acutely aware of the role it plays both in the university and in the community at large.

Mathematics is at the center of the scientific and economic development of our society. The computer revolution that has changed our life is largely due to our mathematical and statistical knowledge. Moreover, mathematics and statistics has recently been responsible for many scientific progresses in biology, ecology, meteorology, etc.

As teachers of mathematics, we have a responsibility to inform the population of the nature of our craft and the impact that it has had and continues to have on our lives. We have a crucial role to play in mathematics education, not only at the university but also in high schools and elementary schools. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics greatly values the teaching of mathematics; not only at the university level but also at the high school, elementary school and community levels. Through a number of outreach programs, we have provided information about mathematics and statistics (our programs, the career opportunities,...) to high school teachers, advisers and students.

Our outreach programmes aim at promoting mathematics, at making them more accessible to the public at large, and at demonstrating the importance of mathematics in our daily life.

Here is a list of our outreach programs. To obtain more information about these programmes, please follow the link provided in the section of the program of your choice.

  • Math. HorizonsCelebration of Science, and the University of Ottawa Day are events taking place on the campus of the University of Ottawa. In addition to some lectures on mathematical topics of interest to high school students, we also inform high school students about our undergraduate programs and possible careers in mathematics and statistics.
  • Each year for one week in May, the University of Ottawa opens its classroom doors to grade 8, 9 and 10 students. They come to the university to attend a mini-course on a subject of their choice for which they get credits toward their high school diploma. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is involved in the Enrichment Mini-Courses Program by offering a one week long mini-course on some mathematical topics that students at that level may appreciate.
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    The department organizes a Summer camp in mathematics in July of each year in collaboration with the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS). In a relaxed setting, the students spend one week on campus living in residence. The participants have the opportunity to get involved in mathematics. There are mathematical games, contests and films as well as lectures. Social activities and visits of museums and galleries in the National Capital are organized.
  • In addition, professors of the department are regularly invited to give lectures to high school teachers of mathematics during their professional development days.
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