Diagnostic Test for Incoming Students

Welcome to the self-diagnostic mathematics test for newly admitted students.

The purpose of the self-diagnostic test is to allow you to measure your competency in a number of mathematical areas, including basic algebraic manipulations, functions, geometry and solving equations. If you are unable to pass the test on the first try, then we urge you to register for the Math Workshops for New Students to ensure that you have all the tools for success in your first year courses in mathematics. You are also very welcome to attend the Math Workshops if there are just some areas you would like to brush up on.

In addition to helping you decide if you would benefit from the mathematics workshops at the end of August, the self-diagnostic test gives you a preview of your first tests in the fall. In fact, most first year mathematics courses schedule a test on this type of material in the first few weeks of the course, and it is worth up to 10% of your final mark in some of these courses.

Diagnostic Test for Incoming Students

There is no time limit to write the test, you may write it as many times as you want, and the results are not recorded. You are not expected to use a calculator.

It is strongly recommended to review high school mathematics before the beginning of your first session at the University. Your first year professors assume that you have all the mathematics that you have seen in high school fresh in your mind. Mathematics courses proceed at a rapid pace at University, and it's important to keep on top of things.

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