Request for Advanced Standing

Required information

The following information is required in order for an equivalence request to be evaluated. If one or more of the following pieces of information is missing, the request may be returned without being evaluated.

  • The program to which the student is admitted.
  • Course code and title for each course to be evaluated.
  • The institution where each course was taken.
  • For each course, the year in which it was taken. Note that equivalences will typically not be given for a course taken more than seven years ago.
  • detailed description of each course. At a minimum, the official course description (for the year in which the course was taken) should be included. However, whenever possible, a more detailed syllabus should be included (see below).
  • For each course, the total number of class hours.
  • An official transcript showing the student's grade in each course.
  • For third and fourth year courses, the course descriptions of the prerequisite courses (at the other institution).

Helpful supplementary information

Sometimes, even with the above required information, it is not possible to properly evaluate an equivalence request (in which case, no equivalence will be given). In order to maximize the chances of receiving an equivalence (and receiving the correct one), a request should include as much of the following information as possible.

  • A course syllabus for each course. The more detailed the syllabus, the greater the chances of receiving an equivalence. For instance, a breakdown of which topics were covered in each lecture is ideal.
  • The textbook used in each course and a list of the chapters/sections covered.
  • The equivalence(s) hoped for, or a list of the math/stats courses required for the student's program. Often there are many similar math courses (for instance, first year calculus courses) and a student could be granted an equivalence for any one of them. Therefore, it is important to know if a specific course is desired or required for the student's program.
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