Welcome to the Department of Physics

Physics is the study of how the world around us works, from its most fundamental particles to the technology permeating our daily life. Our physics program will enable you to experience hands-on learning to develop the analytical, design, mathematical, and computational skills in order for you to understand the building blocks of nature, the universe, and human innovations. Professors include world-leading researchers in photonics, biophysics, and materials science. They will teach you about subatomic particles, living cells, distant galaxies, the Earth's climate, high-tech materials, and more.

Undergraduates work hands-on with instructors thanks to a low 5:1 student-faculty ratio, and there are opportunities for you to partake in scientific research in a professor's lab early on in your degree. Be the first to use state-of-the-art STEM building facilities under construction, where you will be trained to design, build, and computationally analyze physical systems. Conduct research at the cutting-edge photonics and nanofabrication labs at the Advanced Research Complex.  Choose to prepare for the Capital Region's vibrant high-tech and health science sectors with an Honours degree in physics-electrical engineering, physics-mathematics, options in photonics or biophysics. At the graduate level, both master's and doctoral programs provide further training for a stimulating career in academic research or industry.


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