About the Department

A word from the Chair

Over the past 10 years, the Department of Physics has seen tremendous change and is today counted among Canada’s top physics departments. We perform research at the forefront of biophysics, photonics and material sciences on the world stage. The Department has chosen to focus on these areas due to the tremendous thrust towards both technological innovation and new fundamental research. Many of the breakthroughs in physics happen and will continue to happen in these areas. Examples include bio-labs on a chip, the ability to observe and control physics on the level of single molecules, quantum computing and communication as well as single electron transistors. Two of our faculty members are in the one percent most-cited scientists in the world. Quite an accomplishment when we consider Canada as a whole has only three physicists who are members of this elite club.

The Department offers two programs, one in physics and one in physics and mathematics. Recently we’ve enriched our programs with two exciting new options—photonics and biophysics. We are currently preparing another program, in our third area of strength, material sciences. These programs offer exciting career opportunities in academia and industry. In addition, students benefit from being exposed to world-class teachers and researchers in these areas, giving them a competitive advantage when applying for positions in their fields.

We recently created a double bachelor's degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering. It's a five-year elite program where we train "super-engineers" with the knowledge to develop new technologies from the design phase of physics to the manufactured product.

Physics at uOttawa is on a steep upward trajectory. Join us for this exciting trip and be part of one of the next major breakthroughs in physics!


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