Jeff Lundeen


Jeff Lundeen
Associate Professor

Room: ARC 461
Office: (613) 562-5800 ext. 7637
Work E-mail:



Dr. Jeff Lundeen’s experimental and theoretical research uses individual particles of light, photons, to test and apply ideas from quantum physics. The careful control of quantum particles will allow us to build sensors with dramatically higher sensitivity, computers that can solve conventionally intractable problems, and the first provably secure communication systems. Dr. Lundeen’s research focuses on developing methods to generate, manipulate, and characterize single photons and entangled photon pairs. It uses these quantum states of light to build novel quantum logic, communication, and metrology devices.

Selected publications:
  • L. Zhang, H. Coldenstrodt-Ronge, A. Datta, G. Puentes, J. S. Lundeen, X.-M. Jin, B. J. Smith, M. B. Plenio, and I. A. Walmsley. Mapping coherence in measurement via full quantum tomography of a hybrid optical detector. Nature Photonics. 6: 364-368, 2012
  • J. S. Lundeen, B. Sutherland, A. Patel, C. Stewart, and C. Bamber. Direct measurement of the quantum wavefunction. Nature. 474: 188-191, 2011
  • J.S. Lundeen and A.M. Steinberg. Experimental joint weak measurement on a photon pair as a probe of Hardy’s Paradox. Physical Review Letters, 102: 020404, 2009
  • J. S. Lundeen, A. Feito, H. Coldenstrodt-Ronge, K. L. Pregnell, C. Silberhorn, T. C. Ralph, J. Eisert, M. B. Plenio, and I. A. Walmsley. Tomography of quantum detectors. Nature Physics. 5: 27 - 30, 2009
  • O. Cohen, J.S. Lundeen, P.J. Mosley, B.J. Smith, G. Puentes, and I. A. Walmsley. Tailored photon-pair generation in optical fibers. Physical Review Letters. 102: 123603, 2009

Fields of Interest

  • Experimental Photonics
  • Experimental quantum computing
  • Quantum optics
  • Photonics
  • Quantum-enhanced sensors
  • Quantum metrology
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