Lora Ramunno


Lora Ramunno
Full Professor

Room: ARC 314
Office: (613) 562-5800 ext. 6790
Work E-mail: lora.ramunno@uOttawa.ca



Advances in materials processing on submicrometre to nanometre length scales (the nanoscale) are opening new frontiers in science and technology. In particular, controlled nanoscale light-matter interactions have the potential to revolutionize telecommunications, computation, and biotechnology. Underlying this is a need to understand the details of how light interacts with materials in two regimes, both when light is intense enough to create permanent structural changes, and when nanostructures can control the flow of light in unique ways. Dr. Ramunno's theoretical and computational research seeks to understand and control light-matter interactions on the nanoscale in both regimes, to inform diverse areas of basic and applied research and commercial applications of nano-optics.

Fields of Interest

  • Theoretical Photonics
  • Light-matter interactions
  • Material processing
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